22 February, 2011

Eats - Kimchi Stew with Daikon Root and Shitake Mushrooms

I was recently given the opportunity to test a recipe for a cookbook that is in the works. It was a vegetarian Korean stew with daikon  root and shitake and tofu and kimchi. Quite delightful. While I can't share the recipe, I can share the pictures.
I did not make the sushi this time, and it wasn't Korean sushi. Just some tuna from Fresh Market, but it made for a nice pairing.
And now I have a whole lot of daikon root left. Anyone have any suggestions for it's use?
Many thanks to Michael Natkin at herbivoracious.com for allowing me to review this delicious recipe. Perhaps he will post the recipe soon on his blog, and I can provide the link.


  1. Lucy, it looks just like when I made it! Thank you so much for testing it. I probably won't be putting this one on the blog; it is destined for the cookbook that will be out in the fall of 2012. Your sushi looks beautiful too!

  2. I want to eat this. Now.