20 February, 2011

Eats - Portobello stir-fry with bean thread noodles - or it's time to go to the grocery

I bought entirely too many portobellos the other day when I was on the way to grill out at a friend's, and so I was trying to come up with a way to include as many of them as possible in one meal with minimal effort. Other than my quick stop at the store for the mushrooms (and wine...), I haven't been grocery shopping in a minute. I didn't even have garlic! That almost never happens, and it was sadly missed in this meal.
Stir-fry served with rice
So, I made do with the few things I had - onions, spinach, bean thread noodles, tamari, sherry, garlic salt, cayenne pepper, and vegetable broth. I cooked a medium onion in olive oil, added cayenne pepper, some broth, and the bean thread noodles. When the noodles had softened, I added the mushrooms, cooked them down a bit, added the spinach and some tamari, sherry, and garlic salt. When the spinach had wilted, I served it all with rice.

One of the stranger meals I've ever made, but other than being a tad salty (I'm sure some of you could guess), totally tasty.

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