26 August, 2011

Thrifts - Tiered Serving Trays and Cheese Server

Turning 30 was profitable, I must say.  The post earlier this week with the apron and flower cookbook were gifts, as were the two (well, at least one, but I'll explain) tiered serving trays and the cheese slicer/server in this post.

One of my dear friends got me one of these serving trays and the cheese slicer as a birthday gift.  She then bought a second serving tray for herself.  Then she found another tiered serving tray that she liked better, so I got the second matching one as well!

Fancy Cheese Slicer
I can imagine the snacks I will be putting out on these.
On top of getting lots of cool vintage dining/kitchen stuff, I also got some really nice vintage jewelry and purses.  Apparently my friends and family know me.  This blog may help.

23 August, 2011

Thrifts - Flower Cookery - The Art of Cooking with Flowers

This book was a birthday present from one of my aunts.  It's full of recipes using flowers as the main ingredient - and not just candied pansies and rosewater sauce.
There are recipes for infused liquors and syrups and salads, among other things.
I also found it really interesting, reading the introduction, that the author and her husband had lived in Mexico in one of D.H. Lawrence's old homes.
My aunt tells me that she and my uncle found the book in a $1 book grab-bag from a library book sale.
Also, the apron the book is lying on was made for me by the same aunt for my birthday.  It's so cute and looks very vintage.  I love it!

10 August, 2011

Eats and Thrifts - Portobello Gyros, Roasted Potatoes, and Greek-Style Green Beans

I really love when I forget to take pictures of the final product when I've made a dish.  Usually it's because I'm really hungry, and I've been cooking for a couple hours, and everyone is waiting for me to announce it's time to eat.  Like this meal. For a weeknight meal, man, it took a long time.  
Juicing the lemon - Thanks to my aunt for the lovely juicer.