26 August, 2011

Thrifts - Tiered Serving Trays and Cheese Server

Turning 30 was profitable, I must say.  The post earlier this week with the apron and flower cookbook were gifts, as were the two (well, at least one, but I'll explain) tiered serving trays and the cheese slicer/server in this post.

One of my dear friends got me one of these serving trays and the cheese slicer as a birthday gift.  She then bought a second serving tray for herself.  Then she found another tiered serving tray that she liked better, so I got the second matching one as well!

Fancy Cheese Slicer
I can imagine the snacks I will be putting out on these.
On top of getting lots of cool vintage dining/kitchen stuff, I also got some really nice vintage jewelry and purses.  Apparently my friends and family know me.  This blog may help.

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