30 March, 2012

Thrifts - The Pantry: A bonus post

My mom is responsible for the two jars in the front left, and the remaining jars came from one of my friends.  (From left: quinoa, lentils, polenta, oats, wheat germ, two types of chai tea, and a black tea.)

The copper containers came from an antique store for $8.

Eats - Corn Bread

But anyway, my brother and his girlfriend came over for dinner, and they've not been eating gluten.  We made beef stew, (In the pressure cooker we're still learning to use.  It was delicious.) and I wanted to have corn bread with it.  I figured that wouldn't be so hard to do without gluten.  But try finding a recipe that doesn't have 4-5 weird flours in it.  Or coconut butter.  And I DO have a lot of weird flours and grains in my pantry (I should really show a picture of my newly reorganized pantry.  It's cute.)

Anyway...I came up with something.  It does have one weird flour, but only spelt.  That's pretty easy to come by.  After some research, I was led astray.  Apparently it's not completely gluten free, but has a low amount of more digestible gluten, and so is sometimes ok for people with allergies, but not people with celiac disease.  I'll keep trying.