01 September, 2011

Eats - Shrimp Tacos with Charred Corn and Zucchini-Radish Slaw

One day while perusing cooking blogs, I came across this recipe on one of my favorite sites.  After thinking the tacos looked both delicious and beautiful, I realized we had shrimp in the freezer.  Since we also had masa harina, the dry base for corn tortilla dough, this was one of the cheapest meals we've made in awhile.

I followed the Smitten Kitchen recipe relatively closely (a rarity for me) because it was pretty basic and simple.  The boyfriend busied himself with the tortillas (and, as you can see, did a beautiful job, especially since my tortilla press was MIA, and he was forced to fashion one from a plate and the bottom of a pan) while I made the shrimp.

For the shrimp:
About 12 medium shrimp, cut into bite-size pieces 
2 tbsp. butter
Juice of 1/2 lime
Hot chili powder
Cayenne powder

Melt the butter in the pan, toss in the shrimp, squeeze the lime juice on to the shrimp, then season to taste with chili powder, cayenne powder, and salt, cook about 4-5 minutes, then serve.  
The tacos were served with black beans and avocado slices.
The tacos were served with
black beans and avocado slices.
I have to say, this ultimately took a lot longer than I thought it would, but if the slaw was prepared in advance and the corn was already off the cob, it would have been a breeze.  Not that I would have had more time, say, the night before, to do that.  But it was excellent and fairly healthy.

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