02 March, 2011

Eats - Off-the-cuff mushroom soup with grilled peanut butter and honey

I didn't manage to use all the portobellos that I over-bought, so on to meal three....
I wasn't trying to make much mushroom soup, just make it tasty.  Sauteed half a white onion in butter.
Chopped two portobellos and splashed a tablespoon of tamari over the mushrooms and let them sit while the onions brown.

Once the onions browned, tossed in the mushrooms and added a few cups of vegetable broth.
Cooked it down for a time, adding rosemary and pepper.
Then I added a dollop of daisy (sour cream) and about 1/4 cup milk.  When everything was hot, served it up.
With a grilled peanut butter and honey sandwich. I'd never tried this before. It was...ok. A little too buttery for my taste.


  1. Oh where did you get that owl place mat, it's too much! I have mushrooms, I'm going to make soup.

    Last week I made rutabaga-and-celeriac soup, but the rutabaga was really overwhelming. Used a small celeriac & half a rutabaga, should have used 1/4 rutabaga.

  2. The owl placemat is actually a dish towel from Anthropologie (care of my momma). It's super cute (and went with my 70's dishes...)