19 April, 2011

Eats - Pittas and "Turkish" Salad

Dough for pittas rising
These recipes came from my friend, Uri, and can be found on his blog Food All Over.
Pitta dough
Peppers and garlic for "Turkish" salad

Veggies roasting

If you read his recipes, you'll notice the tomatoes are missing and the types of peppers are different. Basically, I had an assortment of peppers and garlic and onions, so I thought I'd make it work. The tomatoes in the end result come *gulp* from a can.
A (mostly) successful pitta!
So, as Uri mentions on his blog, pittas are difficult to make. I considered it a challenge. I did not pass, but I have high hopes for my next attempt.
Plate o' pittas
I think a total of three pittas came out as they should have.  The last pan was definitely the best. I realized I was making them too thick, and even though my oven was as hot as it could go, I had to leave them in an extra couple of minutes. Next time....
Turkish salad
The pittas and "Turkish" salad were great, even if they weren't perfect.

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